Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interview evaluation

What went well? 

Throughout this interview our interviewer (Rob) used many techniques in order to keep Tim (our interviewee) Feeling comfortable and open to answer each question as much as he could. Our group feel that the interview was in an informal tone, as the dialogue shows that it was very colloquial and not serious, we feel that this tactic was a very useful to gain the best answers from our questions we generated. This interview contained only open ended questions, which we feel are better than closed questions, as you can gain more knowledge about the subject (Tim) which gives a larger insight to what his own opinions are on the Van Susans group.

Throughout the interview there didn't seem to be any stalling from either Rob (the interviewer) and Tim (the interviewee) We feel that this shows a great success in how the questions were presented to Tim, and that he felt comfortable to answer each one with confidence and depth. Our group also feel that the filming throughout the interview was smoothly done. For some of the responses given the camera would zoom into Tim's face more to possibly capture any emotion shown. This was shown when the question about how he felt leaving the Van Susans, we were possibly hoping to see him show some sort of emotion like stuttering.

Even Better if?

First and foremost the first main issue we had was with the sound in the interview. We decided to add shots of Tim playing his guitar to show his own skill. However the mic could have picked up a lot more of the sound that we had. Or we could have possibly asked Tim to use an amplifier, however we could have used a boom mic which would have picked up a better sound quality but the Boom mic was broken.

Another large problem that we encountered after we had our first viewing of the interview. This was the mise-en-scene throughout the interview, this could have been of a much higher standard, we acclaimed our group would reserve a good music room in order to suit the style of the interviews subject (music) However you could see that not much musical related equipment was placed in the shot, aside from the neck of a guitar. The reason for this was because Tim had a schedule to keep with helping a student with his music coursework, this didn't give us much time to set up the mise en scene to suit the musical elements of the interview (the image above and below shows a good clear view of the mise en scene which was rather poor) We could have placed Tim in the chair on the left (Picture above) and placed much more equipment around him to suit this subject matter substantially well.

One last element that our group picked up on, was the other person with Tim in a few shots. We feel this could be a bad thing as it has the potential to distract the audiences attention form the main subject (Tim) We didn't want to create this distraction, but again this relates to the previous statement above, whereby the music room was only ours to use for a period of time and the student needed to use the music room and have assistance from Tim (The image below)

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