Saturday, 23 February 2013

Budget List for Crisis animation

Budget list 

Title: Crisis advert
Client: Miss Moore 
Writer: Oscar Artini and Robert Welland
Producer: Oscar Artini and Robert Welland
Director: Oscar Artini and Robert Welland
Date: 15th Febuary 2013

This ident project will be free to make however if this were to be professionally done, we would in fact have to pay editors to analyse each section of the ident to see if there is anything wrong that they can improve. 

Material List


Clay will can easily be found within the Media department at RavensWood school. This will also cost nothing to use. However there may be a problem in reserving some at a specific time as other groups that are doing a similar project may obtain it.


This material will also be able to find in the RavensWood school media department. This will also cost nothing to use. However there may be a problem in reserving some as other groups in the school doing the same project may use some too.


This material will also be found in the media department of RavensWood school. This will cost nothing to use, however again it may be hard to reserve some for a specific day  


The equipment needed in order to film this stop motion piece is a webcam, mac computer and the Istopmotion program on the computer. The webcam shall be used to take shots of the objects we use to generate the idea of motion. The mac computer and the program are combined within the media department of RavensWoodschool. However we shall have to choose appropriate times to use a computer in one of the rooms, we shall have to generate the piece next to one of these computers.


Oscar Artini or Robert Welland (only for hand scene) acting will cost free of charge as the project is being produced by ourselves and scene is extremely basic to produce. However if this were to be professionally done and more acting needed we would possibly hire someone who could make the scenes needed much more professional.

Within a room in the media department there are small sets that are designed for these stop motion pieces, they are made out of wood and have a good amount of space to film for our stop motion piece in particular. However it is up to our group to make the aesthetics needed for the set as most of these sets are plain colours such as black. The lego from the material list will also be needed to create scenery, hopefully we will be able to find something like a tree or a bench. However if we cannot we shall have to find another alternative such as clay. The clay shall also be used to possibly make puddles on the ground to emphasise the harsh cold and wet living conditions. The last piece from the material list that shall be used as a prop shall be the fabric. Our group discussed about possibly making some sort of blanket out of the fabric, maybe tearing holes through it to make it look rough and worn. All of these little elements should help emphasise the harsh conditions for homeless people, all of the above shall also cost nothing to use.

Post-Production (editing)

The editing for this piece will not cost any money to make. However if this were a professional piece, i would most definitely have to think about certain aspects of editing such as grading. If the lighting were too harsh on one shot, we would have to find an editor who is professional at grading in order to take some of the color out of shots to not make it look harsh. 

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