Thursday, 24 January 2013

Powerpoint pitch for interview research

Our original presentation had a background image behind the text. This is shown below..

We also chose to write cue cards for out dialogue in the presentation as we thought that it would be best to inform the listeners via speech instead of them having to visualize something on the smart board. We thought that this would engage the audience much better.

Who are they?

The VanSusans are a local band from Bromley, they have lately grown in the music industry scene, headlining venues such as the indigo02. They frequently get compared to bands such as m+Mumford and sons, as they have a similar sound.

What we plan to do?

Oscar: "We plan to interview bassist guitar player Tim Dullaway who plays in the VanSusans group."

Example of research  

Rob: "We researched this band extensively. As you can see here is part of our research, it is from the local Newshopper paper. This helped us get the background knowledge on the band."

Possible question examples + Video 

Oscar: "These are some of the possible questions we may ask Tim Dullaway during the interview here. We shall now show you a short video of the band playing at a venue in Camden."

Main aims we hope to achieve

Rob: "The main purpose of this interview is to see what working in the music industry is really like from someone who is already working in it. Also to see what it's like trying to rise up within the industry. But at the end of the day this interview is going to be done because this band is interesting they actually have achieved some impressive accolades so far, and i feel this will keep the audience interested in the band and hopefully afterwards look into them a little more

What shall be unique about our idea?

Oscar: Our idea will be unique unlike many other interviews we have researched. this will be more of a personal account of one member of the bad and what his thoughts and feeling are on some of the questions.

Rob: The VanSusans have cultivated a large fan base over the years, so by having an up to date interview this will keep the existing fans happy, but most importantly bring interest and new people to the band.

What plans have been put in place?

We plan to rent a camera from the RavensWoodSchool media department. Also use a music room within the school for the interview to take place as it fits aesthetically well.

Analysis of Interview

WWW: I feel that our objective was explained clearly and quickly at the start of the pitch. I also think that using cue cards to present information to the listeners was also a very good idea because they didn't have to stare at a screen in order to find out what was going to happen for our interview. I think the information is much easier to take in and explain by talking to the listeners as some may not be interested in reading all of each slide. So we decided to keep the information on screen as minimal as possible without not having anything to show.

EBI: I think that the pitch of our interview could have gone slightly better in terms of presenting lots more of our research to the listener's however I don't think that was the main issue at all. I feel that the feedback has also shown us what we can do to make our interview much more unique and a lot less like the previous interviews that we have researched. We also gained one last imperative piece of feedback which was based on the questions. Some of the possible questions were very bland and were rather standard in terms of seeing them occur in music interviews with bands or band members. So we suggest that we should think of some more unique questions to ask Tim within the interview in order to give it a unique feel to it instead of it seeming like another interview with a Van Susans member in a similar fashion.We hope to make ours seem unique and stand out from the others.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crisis charity (to get dis explain why an animated advert would be best for this)

Crisis charity

Research found at the following websites

  • are they and What do they do?

Crisis is a charity that supports the need of homeless people. This charity was founded in 1967. Crisis offer food, shelter and man other vital services such regarding well being. The main aim that Crisis look towards is to completely transform the lives of homeless people also to keep people from becoming homeless. They believe that "Homelessness won't end overnight or on our own.  But we take a lead, collaborate with others and, together, make change happen" Crisis also work even at Christmas to ensure that everyone homeless has somewhere to sleep and eat.

Why do they do it? 

They believe that they can help make all homelessness end and even stick to their own motto 'Homelessness ends here'


In 2011 Crisis decided to make a campaign called 'No one turned away' this helped ensure that all homeless people had the right to emergency accommodation when they need it. This is because homeless people were not considered a priority when it came to social housing.  Another campaign they introduced was the 'Shared Accommodation Rate' Single people aged under 25 who live in the private rented sector are only entitled to the Shared Accommodation Rate of Housing Benefit, equivalent to the rent for a single room in a shared house rather than the rate for a self-contained one bedroom property.

My View on the crisis charity 

I think that the Crisis charity are an extremely important organization that do something that is very important to many people. I feel that this organization should be largely publicized as they help many homeless people across the UK not only find them homes but jobs and help them learn trades. This charity is imperative to many people spread across Britain and I think that it deserves much more attention and for this particular reason I shall be creating a stop motion animation piece regarding what this charity does.