Friday, 15 February 2013

Target audience research analysis

Analysis of the data
This questionnaire that was created was sent to teenagers, it may be short, however we feel that our group has generated a very good idea in terms of making this ident apppealing to teenagers whilst stressing a serious matter. These questions will help us develop on who we should be aiming this towards and what the audience may like to see within the piece.
From the first set of questions we gained a very simple response, all of which were asked to do this questionnaire we're students. Which will later help us gain more knowledge of how to make this appealing to the teenage audience. Moving onto the next set of questions the gender of all who answered this questionnaire were male, this is definitely helpful in terms of gaining knowledge on what the male teenage audience would like to see, however some late research may need to be done in order to find out what the female teenage audience would like to see within this stop motion piece for Crisis that would be appealing to teenagers.
Moving through to the net few questions we then see the soundtrack side of the stop motion. The was a 100% response onto the slow/tragic option. Which our group feel that would suit this ident extremely well, as we would like to stick to traditional methods of charity adverts. We don't want to break this traditional element to it by using happy music on such a serious matter. We are glad that the teenage audience feel this way too. Finally the last question was what the ident shall contain in terms of materials/objects. Of all the options that we gave for the teenagers to choose from, all of the options were chosen nearly even to each other. One of our original ideas that our group generated was to actually use all of these materials to make our piece with, we felt that this would be good to appeal to the target audience (teenagers) We are going to develop our original idea with these materials and this ident shall most likely come out appealing to the target audience whilst stressing the main idea of how homelss charity's like Crisis need help and support.


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