Friday, 8 February 2013

Development of ideas

First Idea -

Using a white board to visually write down and illustrate a tragic story of a homeless person. We will be able to get a true story from crisis, the charity we are doing the animation for.

Developed -

We are going to still use the same idea of using a white board to illustrate a story about the homeless, also as its a white board it makes it easy to write words on it, I will do this because it will make it a lot easier for the audience to understand.

Developing on my clay and paper idea -

To develop on this idea I'm going to try and make it appeal more to teenagers, and the only way of doing this I feel is to show them that its not 'fun' to live on the street and just be honest with them and show them to truths about what homeless people go through on a day-to-day basis. It is an advantage that we are filming with clay to animate because in my opinion it gives a complete different look being more friendly etc... to the advertisement, if we filmed this with real life footage it would give a disturbing out look to the audience.

Developing on my Lego idea -

This idea uses just Lego as I feel Lego is a good material to use as it doesn't create to much of a mess. This idea starts with a couple of shots of a homeless person, laying in the middle of pavement sleeping rough with empty bottles and lose clothes scattered around him. The next shot is where a pedestrian is walking down the street and just steps over him to get off to work, not caring that someone is sleeping in the middle of the pavement. After this the next shot is of a person in a red Crisis shirt walking up to the homeless person on the street and puts a blanket over his shoulders and comforts him and starts walking him down the Crisis help centre.

Developing on my Clay, Lego, Hands and Objects idea -

This idea includes a range of materials instead of using just one material as I like different materials for different purposes. The first shot will be of a homeless person on the street laying up against a wall with the Crisis logo graffiti-ed on it  without him even knowing that Crisis is a charity designed to for helping people in his situation. Whilst hes laying up against the wall he is looking sorry for himself and unhappy, but a passer by comes up to him and throws change in his pot and says, 'turn around they will help you', and it goes to a shot of where hes getting cared for and is happy. This last shot will show that Crisis is a charity for helping care for homeless people, and trying to get them off the streets and getting there life back on track.

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