Monday, 11 February 2013

Risk assessment for interview

There are many risks that have a possible chance of occurring when filming this interview or transporting the equipment to the desired destination of filming. We must put many things in place to prevent these from happening.

Camera/ Light/ Mic breakage

There will be many possible aspects that must be carefully looked into when transporting the camera. We must make sure that firstly the route in safe to take the camera along. The main issue with this is tripping over, so being extremely careful whilst transporting the equipment shall be imperative. Keeping the camera within its protective casing is imperative just in case it were to be dropped accidently along its journey to the destination. Also loosing components such as the cameras lens cover must be very carefully managed. We may not want to keep the lens cover on within filming the interview if it were to take away some light, however if this were to happen we must make sure that the cover is stored in a safe place whilst filming and make sure each component is put back into its rightful place. One possible way to prevent this could be an equipment check list, this would help identify what has gone missing.

The lights are as equally if not more delicate than the camera, similarly to the camera it must not be dropped as it will most likely damage the components within the lights which will end in them not functioning properly or at all. A good way to prevent this from happening is keeping the lights covered in some sort of protective casing or material if the worst case scenario were to occur. We must also make sure that the route is safe to take this piece of equipment on, this could also be linked into the equipment check list to prevent this piece of equipment being lost.

Boom microphones are also a very delicate piece of equipment. Once again if these are dropped it may damage the components within it. Also adverse weather conditions are no way ideal for this piece of equipment, an example were to be rain. If water was concealed within this equipment it would more than likely break and be unusable. A good way to prevent this from happening would be to once again check the route in which the equipment is being transported on. Also check weather forecasts in order to find a suitable day to use this (however, this may not apply to our group as our interview is being conducted within a room safely guarded from this.

Tripping over wires 

The main piece of equipment that would make this happen would be the microphone wires, this could cause us to fall over and break the camera and probably the microphone. The best way to prevent this from occurring would be to make sure that all wires from the boom mic etc are tucked away in a safe lace when not being used or when being operated. Once this has been done, we shall not have the probably of tripping over loose wires. Before these precautions are taken the risk is within the range of 8/10. However once these precautions have been taken it would make this risk about 2/10.

General members of the school walking into the interview whilst filming

This isn't a potential health risk to ourselves or damage to any of the equipment. This is more for the sake of making our interview look professional and not informal, we may not want the general public walking in front of our interview in the music room. A good precaution that could be taken for this possible risk is to look into the music room and see when the busiest  times are for that particular area. The potential risk of this before taking the precautions was probably about 10/10 (especially for our area) However now we shall research the busiest times for the room and choose our times carefully to film.

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