Thursday, 7 February 2013

Location Recce for interview

This picture below is of Ravens Wood School, this is were we are going to do research and some production for this interview. The main room for the interview we plan to use is found within the school which we shall later show.

These are pictures taken by a group member, in the music room that would we'd like to do the interview with Tim Dullaway. This room is ideal for the interview because it has a lot of music equipment in it which will help the audience of our interview understand immediately that it is about music. This room is good because it is spacious so we could maybe get lights in there as well in order to make the interview look professionally done.

We feel that this room is best for the interview due to the subject being based around the idea of music. So this room is ideal as it has instruments placed along the wall which helps it relate well to the subject matter.



  1. This is a nice bit of pre-production Oz. Well done for going to get these recce shots and for discussing the purpose of using your location.

    Grade - Distinction.

  2. U27 LO3

    Distinction - Planned to near pro standards

    U5 LO2

    Distinction - Planned to near pro standards