Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Equipment List

Equipment list

Rentable camera

This camera shall be rented from the RavensWood School media department. We will need this piece of equipment in order to film our interview. It should roughly cost about a 20 pound deposit.


This shall also be rented from the media department, this will help us film a steady interview and prevent the camera from shaking, which would make the interview look very informal or unprofessional. This shall also be included within the deposit from the media department at RavensWood School.

Boom Mic

The boom mic shall also be rented from the media department from RavensWood school. The boom mic will help us obtain the best amount of sound quality when our interviewee answers the questions we provide. We don't want the sound quality to be poor as we may not be able hear some words that are said from the interviewee. This shall also come under the deposit for the camera from RavensWood school.

Notepad and pens

A notepad and pens are essential to take to the interview in order to take brief notes on what our interviewee replies to each of our questions. So this will help us evaluate each question. Spare pens will also be essential to bring as one may run out and prevent us from writing our notes.

(Possibly) A redhead light

There may be a possible need for a redhead lamp incase the lighting within the music room isn't sufficient enough, the image below is a redhead light that are available at the RavensWood school media department. As you want to generate an interview where you can see the subject, we aim to show different shots of the subject (Tim) in different angles and possibly the natural light may show the subject well enough, therefore resulting in our group booking a redhead light to use during the interview. If our group decided to use this piece of equipment it would make our shoot look a like some of the BBC interviews we have researched resulting in our shoot looking much more professional

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  1. A small lamp?

    Oz, if you're filming here we have some proper lighting you can use.


    To improve, include details of the lighting available and how you can use it to improve the professionalism of your shoot.