Monday, 4 February 2013

Documentary script

Documentary script 

This shall be based on the different collections of scenes.

Scene 1

Opening visuals?

This will be the start of our documentary where we shall set the scene or the main purpose of our documentary. Something possibly shall be narrated at the start about how pop music has been in a constant change each year, has it been for better or for worse? This shall set our question or subject matter that we hope to explore and explain. We shall also show the different artists since the 1930s to the current day through a slideshow of images that shall flash upon the screen.

Scene 2

This section of the documentary shall most likely have the interviews with a certain band or members of the public on our subject on pop music. Possibly what's their favourite aspect of the current music world and maybe views on how music has changed. This section shall embody the main information or factual centre of the documentary. Interviews may be put in place in order to express members of the public views on certain questions we may ask. These shall be conducted around RavensWood School and Hayes and Bromley.

Scene 3
Key Questions you want to answer here...

Here we shall explore the data like interviews we have conducted and help ourselves reach a conclusion to our exploration of the change in pop music over the time era's. In this section of the documentary there shall most likely be voice over from one of our group members explaining our own opinions on whether the change in pop music has had more variety  in the current day or within the past day.

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