Monday, 11 February 2013

Risk assessment for documentary

Camera breakage

Dropping the camera 

This hazard is probably the most likely to happen regarding the equipment. The camera is a very delicate piece of equipment that must be looked after considerably well. Before using this camera we will need to put down a 20 pound deposit towards the camera incase of malfunction. The most likely problem we may encounter will be dropping the camera or not properly placing it into the tripod. To prevent this from happening we must take extra care when securing it within the tripod by double checking it. Also when the camera is being held, it must be held in the proper way (securely) in order to prevent any damage to it via dropping it. Before taking these precautions the risk was most probably about a 7/10. However from taking these precautions we have probably taken it down to approximately a 3/10.

Weather conditions 

Weather can also largely affect the way in which the camera functions. A good example of this would be rain, any water that finds its way into the camera will most likely break it. So to prevent this, our group must not take the camera out in adverse weather conditions unless equipped with appropriate waterproof materials for the camera. The best way to counteract this adverse weather would be to check the weather forecast for the specific day that is needed for filming. This will help us find the best weather conditions needed for our documentary filming. Before taking these precautions the risk was approximately an 8/10 but now these precautions are to be taken it would most likely make it around 1/10.


This can also heavily affect our travel we choose to get to certain areas. Especially if a train is needed, these can often be cancelled by snow and will be unusable for a period of time. Again, the best way to prevent this from happening is to choose an appropriate time slot to film sections of our documentary. Before taking these precautions the risk would probably be around 8/10 especially with this current weather situation at this time of year. However, now these measures will be put in place the risk should be around 3/10.

Tripping over loose wires

The main piece of equipment that would make this happen would be the microphone wires, this could cause us to fall over and break the camera and probably the microphone. The best way to prevent this from occurring would be to make sure that all wires from the boom mic etc are tucked away in a safe lace when not being used or when being operated. Once this has been done, we shall not have the problem of tripping over loose wires. Before these precautions are taken the risk is within the range of 8/10. However once these precautions have been taken it would make this risk about 2/10.


This can be an extremely likely even to occur in specific areas that are chosen to film at. Robbery shall be very much the same as breaking the camera, we will need to put in place a 20 pound deposit in case of this occurring. The best possible precaution that could be taken is to research the areas we wish to film in thoroughly, certain areas can be potentially more likely to have the camera stolen from our possession. We could research these areas through word of mouth or certain crime stats for an area on the internet. The risk of this incidence occurring would depend mainly on the areas that we choose to film in (which aren't potentially dangerous) we think that this risk before taking the precautions would be around 9/10. Now these precautions shall be taken, this risk shall be rather low, 3/10.

General members of the public walking in shots whilst filming

This isn't a potential health risk to ourselves or damage to any of the equipment. This is more for the sake of making our documentary look professional, we may not want the general public walking in front of some of our interviews we chose to do (which could be out in public space) A good precaution that could be taken for this possible risk is to look into the certain area and see when the busiest  times are for that particular area and possibly choose another suitable time to go there and film or choose a quieter area of where we want to film. The potential risk of this before taking the precautions was probably about 10/10 (especially for our areas) However now we shall research the busiest times for the area and choose our times carefully to film.

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