Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Interview evaluation no.2

What went well? 

Throughout the second run of this interview we made ourselves absolutely sure that we didn't repeat the same mistake as the first time we did our interview. This was the issue of the Mise-en-scene being in a poor state. We had a plug socket, many wires and a computer monitor in the background of our interview, we felt this didn't suit our subject matter whatsoever and so our group wished to repeat the interview and make it seem much more formal to the subject. This time round, we placed our subject (Tim) in a large red leather chair, with the neck of his guitar sitting next to him. We felt that this idea was very basic however it was effective to show that the main purpose of the interview was just about him and his guitar (the music)

The questions that were asked were done as effective and successful as the first time around. The interviewer (Rob) made Tim feel very comfortable with asking the questions we had generated. We wanted to stick to similar attributes that were found in previous interviews with Tim (and the Van Susans) whereby the person being interviewed felt comfortable enough they could elaborate on open ended questions without being provoked and felt able to laugh at some answers given, we felt this made the interview much less serious or dull.

Throughout the interview there didn't seem to be any stalling from either Rob (the interviewer) and Tim (the interviewee) We feel that this shows a great success in how the questions were presented to Tim, and that he felt comfortable to answer each one with confidence and depth. Our group also feel that the filming throughout the interview was smoothly done. For some of the responses given the camera would zoom into Tim's face more to possibly capture any emotion shown. This was shown when the question about how he felt leaving the Van Susans, we were possibly hoping to see him show some sort of emotion like stuttering.

Even better if? 

In our groups eyes we feel that with this interview there was only one major fault that should have been noted way before the interview had even begun to be shot. This was the false idea to shoot the interview in front of a window, this seemed to have a strange lighting effect with the camera as it struggled to focus. What this meant was the camera was mainly trying to focus on the light outside and not our subject matter (Tim) THis could have easily been fixed by simply running a few test shots as the warm ups of the interview to plan out other options of where we could have placed Tim, if we had noticed this we most likely would have moved the chair he was planning to sit in, into another spot in the room that had much better lighting where the camera wouldn't be confused on what to focus on.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Focus Group

Our focus group was held with a different group (Perry Group)

Idea one


The other group member enjoyed our idea's concept. The main reason for this is because he thought that it linked in very well with the charity. A good evidential piece that led him to think of this was that it shows how the charity itself helps the homeless change themselves.


There was one main concern for the other group member about this particular idea. he suggested that another format of animation should most likely have to be used in rider to generate this idea, his reason for this is because he thinks that this would be extremely hard to create on paper.

Idea two


Moving onto this idea, Perry thought that this idea had a brilliant use of Lego yo portray the seriousness of homelessness whilst relating well to the youth audience. He thought that the best way to understand what he meant was the use of the first person of the homeless person, he thought that this would help dress the horrid conditions for a homeless person.


However there was problem that he thought would occur with this idea in a very similar way to our first  idea. That the idea would be extremely hard to create in certain parts of it, his main point towards this was the first person idea may be good in order to stress the point however it would be rather hard to create in a professional standard.

Idea three


This idea seemed to impress the other group member the most out of the three we had generated. His reasons for this was because he that that the use of every format of animation was a good choice, such as intertwining the hands with the lego, clay etc. Another aspect that he enjoyed about this idea would be the 'voice of god' section of the piece where a voice from above shall say "turn around" He also thought that this animation was very well put together whilst still stressing the serious matter of homelessness, and what the charity can do.


The other group member did not find anything significant to point out to us for improvement. We are very happy with this result because we thought that this idea would actually work best.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Animation survey graphs

The first 4 questions that were put into the questionnaire were simply to gain a small knowledge of the receiver. For example their age and occupation, these two our group feel are great ways of gaining knowledge of what kind of receiver is answering your questions and possibly they may even relate to the target audience that you want to appeal to. In our case this has worked very well within the questionnaire as all of the receivers who answered were between the age of 10-19 and the occupations of these people were all students. To our group, this is great news as this makes the following answers on each question what a young person really feels should be placed within this Crisis animation (The main aim for this is to make it appeal to teenagers)

After these questions we then moved onto what we thought were the things most important to ask for this animation Piece for the Crisis charity. 'What soundtrack would you expect to hear within a charity advert' and 'What animation format would you prefer?' The first question we gained an extremely one sided opinion towards the music, which our group in fact agree with. The answer given was that the music shall be slow and tragic. We still have yet to find a suitable way of either making a soundtrack like this or gaining permission to use a certain song by an artist, this shall be done in due course.

The final question had the most mixed opinions of what shall be used in terms of format. One of our initial ideas actually agrees with using all of the materials/formats. We planned to use lego, clay, people and objects. The questionnaire results support this use of all the formats, our main aim is to please our target audience whilst stressing a serious matter through animation. So our group have agreed to use all of the chosen formats by the audience from this questionnaire in order to please the audience.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Feeback sheets evaluation interview

This was our first feedback sheet from James and in my opinion I feel that the feedback that was obtained from him could've been in much more detail in order for it to be of use or help our group. However it shows that our presentation towards the class was explained clearly and was proven effective to sell our idea of our interview. The good thing was that James did pick up on the main point of our idea which was based on the music industry, however our group feel that it could have been good to see him make a point about the Van Susans or who we were interviewing. However we feel that it is good he has understood the intended idea. 

Moving onto the next section of feedback we felt that it could have been potentially helpful however it seems that we don't have much relation regarding our questions towards RavensWood, it would have been nice to have the 'personal touch for the interview' however this seems rather irrelevant to our subject matter in the interview

Next, our group was glad to see that James had pointed out our best question being 'what musical influence did you have' we feel that this question is going to gain the most in detail response as this is going to be him telling us why he likes to play music and what keeps him doing it. 

For the last piece of feedback we gained, our group felt that our worst question was most definitely not 'when did the band start' our reason for thinking this is that it is a very good question to get the ball rolling in terms of starting questions relating to his split with the Van Susans etc. 

This was also from people in our class, Olivia and Savanah gave us some well detailed feedback that our group feel we can develop on and generate some ideas. 

Our group were glad to see that they both fully understood the main purpose of our interview and gives us one thing not worry about it terms of making sure the audience understand what the purpose is.

Next we thought that their feedback for this question was good as they looked deeper into what the interview style and subject is about, they said that our idea is unique because it is very similar to being a personal account of a musician and possibly will the answers given about the band be negative or positive. By them both saying that this seems like it will be a personal account our group may take advantage of this in order to make our idea much more unique than others. 

For these next questions which was what our best and worst questions, we were glad to see that they liked the two questions about touring the UK and the pay question, our reason being for this is because we feel that the touring question could gain an in detail response of what its like in terms of being tiring, is it enjoyable etc. Also our group feel that the other best question could gain a rather humorous response both for the viewers and Tim. He could possibly make a joke about the pay being terrible but not being bothered by etc. 

For this piece of feedback our group felt that this question could be seen as negative and positive at the same time, we feel that people who are interested in Tim's style of music may feel it be nessesary or nice to know if Tim was joining another band and some may think it is rather controversial due to our subject during the interview will touch on why he left the Van Susans, possibly he doesn't want to talk abut it? This feedback shall make us think in detail what the negatives and positives will be gained from this question. ON the last piece of feedback that this group gave us we felt it was a very good idea to present to the audience some archive footage before or after the interview of Tim playing, we feel that this could showcase his skill to the audience and give a good indication of what the subject matter is.