Monday, 11 February 2013

Van Susans research

The following research is being analysed to generate question ideas to ask Van Susans guitarist Tim Dullaway..  

This is a valuable piece of information because our group can generate many questions around this event that was played. For example 'What was it like to play at the indigo o2?' or 'What do you feel is the scariest part of playing on stage?' These kinds of questions can be linked together in a continuous fashion and lead onto length answers. We could even ask about how they feel about this particular article in the news shopper. From this information above it could also give me another idea of a question "How would you feel if you were given a sudden burst of success"  

This interview with the Van Susans is also very valuable in terms of generating good questions that can gain long and detailed answers. Also helps us determine which types of questions will be most valuable to our use and what ones are not so good to ask the guitarist 'Tim Dullaway' Seeing as the band has also been interviewed numerous times we could also ask from other interviews what were some of the strangest questions they have been asked.

This is another interview from a website called Undersong. The interview contains many of the basic questions aimed towards a band for example "How did the band meet" however this question above I feel is a good example to base a question around the idea of "How did the band motivate itself to go up on stage and perform in front of many fans?" I feel that this is a good open ended question that could gain a valuable answer to it. It goes into much deeper meaning in terms of what mentality a person or a band must have to perform in front of a large crowd. This question may be included within our list that we shall ask the guitarist (Tim Dullaway) 

 This is also from the same interview, this part talks about the newest addition to the band. The band were looking for a violinist to play, they  explain how the held auditions etc. A question to ask Tim Dullaway (Band guitarist) would be "how do you specifically feel the bands relationship was and what specific element made you want to leave the band?" This also could be a question we that our group may contain within the interview. Another possible question to ask Tim Dullaway could be "How did you feel when Holly was placed within the group, was her style of violin shown valuable to the groups sound?"

This is a broadcast from a radio station with two members from the Van Susans group. This research could possibly generate a question such as "How do you feel when performing within live broadcasts on the radio, how do you think you would feel if you slipped up whilst the recording was being aired?"


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