Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shot list for interview

Shot list for interview 

The total number of shots within this interview came to 6. The first 5 number of shots were to create the introduction of the interview, showing different shots of Tim playing his bass guitar and showing different musical items around the room such as an amplifier. These shots were made in order to set the scene and build up for the actual interview

Shot no.1

This shot was on the subject Tim playing his bass guitar to show his skill and possibly revealing what the interview shall be about, this shot lasts for around 4-6 seconds. The camera then zooms into his hands playing the guitar. The following shots are also to generate the same feel of setting the scene, or letting the audience in on what the subject will be about.

Shot no.2

Shot number 2 links in with the intro section of the interview, as aforementioned the shot above this was Tim playing his guitar and our group decided to link in another musical object into this intro. The shot only lasts for around 2 seconds this was the shot of the amplifier. Whilst this shot is taking place the audio is still playing as it was in the previous shot, it is one continuous audio piece along with another 3 shots relating to the intro from this shot (Shot no.2)

Shot no.3

Next, our group decided to place another shot of a musical item that was found within the room the interview was conducted. This was the shot of the electric guitar in the corner of the room, this shot also lasts for around the same time as the previous amplifier shot, these shots are very flash like in the way they are presented.

Shot no.4 

After number 3 it then goes back to the amplifier however this time the shot lasts for around 5 seconds, our group felt that we needed to show another shot of this piece of equipment as it is very important to many musicians in the current music scene like (Tim)

Shot no.5

This was our final intro shot to the interview, our group decided to showcase his own skill on the bass guitar to almost introduce himself to the audience by showing what his hobby or possibly what his life is based around. This shot lasts for around 8-10 seconds, we decided this was a sufficient amount of time as we wanted the audience to take in what they were being shown.

Shot no.6

Shot number 6 is where the main body of the interview starts to take place and also finishes. This is one angle throughout the entire shot. The image below shows its simplicity however it doesn't have much in the shot to distract the viewer from the subject matter (Tim) Our group decided to use this one angle throughout because of this reason and we feel it was what information Tim was giving us was the most important element of the interview.

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