Monday, 22 April 2013

Risk assessment for animation

Risk assessment for animation

There are many different risks that must be taken into consideration when filming our animation I shall clearly explain each ones risk factor and how it can be prevented. 

Camera breakage

This hazard is probably the most likely to happen regarding the equipment. The camera is a very delicate piece of equipment that must be looked after considerably well. Before using this camera we will need to put down a 20 pound deposit towards the camera in case of malfunction. The most likely problem we may encounter will be dropping the camera or not properly placing it into the tripod. To prevent this from happening we must take extra care when securing it within the tripod by double checking it. Also when the camera is being held, it must be held in the proper way (securely) in order to prevent any damage to it via dropping it. Before taking these precautions the risk was most probably about a 7/10. However from taking these precautions we have probably taken it down to approximately a 3/10.

Tripping over the tripod 

This relates to the camera breakage also, could cause us to fall over and break the camera, The best way to prevent this from occurring would be to make sure that the tripod is in clear sight and can be seen at all times when moving to and from the set of the animation . Once this has been done, we shall not have the problem of tripping over the tripod. Before these precautions are taken the risk is within the range of 8/10. However once these precautions have been taken it would make this risk about 2/10.

Loss of Lego characters and props

This isn't much of a risk to our group however this would cause a risk to the animation not being able to be filmed properly, and would leave it looking very spacious and not much to look at and draw the viewers eye to. So, to prevent this from happening we are going to collect a plastic wallet to place all of the lego characters and props into each time a filming session is finished and place it somewhere safe. Before this precaution the risk most likely would have been around an 8/10 considering how small the pieces are for the project, however this precaution shall lower it to around 2/10

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