Thursday, 18 April 2013

Editorial decisions list

Editorial decision list 

When editing this interview with Tim Dullaway, our group thought that we may have had to cut out some answers or some questions that were said throughout the interview, however when watching the interview we then decided that actually every question and answer given was asked and received well. However we did spot a few very minor faults in the interview that had to be edited out and this was some of the hesitancies and the noise level of the laughter that our subject (Tim) made during the interview, these few screenshots below show some of the decisions that had to be made.

This first image shows the change that our group made with the audio in each clip. Some of the laughter had to be edited down in noise level in order to make the interview non- irritable to the viewers watching, so the laughter was made to sound much softer than piercing to the viewers ears. 

These two images show the editing decision that was made in order to split each question that was asked. The reason for this decision being made was because we wanted to generate a much smoother effect with the interview and it cut away much of the background noise such as laughter etc after each question. Whereas if we didn't make this decision it would have made the look much more informal and too casual. We wanted to make the interview seem as professional as we could. Our group feel that we have achieved this goal by making these decisions.

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  1. Oz, this is a very detailed, reflective account of the editing process you and Rob went through. Your point about making the interview appear professional is important, but did you have to consider what would happen if you removed too much, or any nice reactions or follow up answers?

    I feel you have accurately demonstrated the near professionalism required to hit distinction with your interview and evaluations. Great work.