Monday, 22 April 2013

Crew Roles for Animation

Crew Roles for Animation piece 


Robert Welland- The main editor for this piece who placed all photos taken by the SLR camera, also added music and voice over to the project.

Assistant Editor

Oscar Artini- Assistant editor who incorporated his own ideas into the piece, passing it through the main editor (Rob) to help him gain a good understanding of what ideas would work and which wouldn't. 

Storyboard designer 

Oscar Artini- The storyboard designer for this piece came up with the final idea for this animation, the storyboard designer made a clear guide for filming the animation and how it should be done properly. This was done by drawing each stage of the animation on paper to show a rough outline of the story which our group ay have later altered (which we did)  

The Animators 

Oscar Artini and Robert Welland- The animators for this piece were responsible for basically creating the general idea of motion, in this case we had to move our lego characters carefully by changing the movements of their legs to create the motion of the character walking. This also included taking photographs with the SLR camera which moves onto the next role.


Oscar Artini and Robert Welland- This role links in well with the animators job, our group both had input to the animating section of the piece however one person also had to make sure they were documenting or photographing each movement the movements of each character.

Set Designer/Prop designer

Oscar Artini- This was very similar to the storyboard developing, this was all done at the same stage of generating ideas for the animation, set designing and prop designing was drawn on paper, and along with these pieces came a material list that gave a clear indication of what was needed for our props and sets. 

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