Thursday, 7 March 2013

Focus Group

Our focus group was held with a different group (Perry Group)

Idea one


The other group member enjoyed our idea's concept. The main reason for this is because he thought that it linked in very well with the charity. A good evidential piece that led him to think of this was that it shows how the charity itself helps the homeless change themselves.


There was one main concern for the other group member about this particular idea. he suggested that another format of animation should most likely have to be used in rider to generate this idea, his reason for this is because he thinks that this would be extremely hard to create on paper.

Idea two


Moving onto this idea, Perry thought that this idea had a brilliant use of Lego yo portray the seriousness of homelessness whilst relating well to the youth audience. He thought that the best way to understand what he meant was the use of the first person of the homeless person, he thought that this would help dress the horrid conditions for a homeless person.


However there was problem that he thought would occur with this idea in a very similar way to our first  idea. That the idea would be extremely hard to create in certain parts of it, his main point towards this was the first person idea may be good in order to stress the point however it would be rather hard to create in a professional standard.

Idea three


This idea seemed to impress the other group member the most out of the three we had generated. His reasons for this was because he that that the use of every format of animation was a good choice, such as intertwining the hands with the lego, clay etc. Another aspect that he enjoyed about this idea would be the 'voice of god' section of the piece where a voice from above shall say "turn around" He also thought that this animation was very well put together whilst still stressing the serious matter of homelessness, and what the charity can do.


The other group member did not find anything significant to point out to us for improvement. We are very happy with this result because we thought that this idea would actually work best.

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