Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Animation survey graphs

The first 4 questions that were put into the questionnaire were simply to gain a small knowledge of the receiver. For example their age and occupation, these two our group feel are great ways of gaining knowledge of what kind of receiver is answering your questions and possibly they may even relate to the target audience that you want to appeal to. In our case this has worked very well within the questionnaire as all of the receivers who answered were between the age of 10-19 and the occupations of these people were all students. To our group, this is great news as this makes the following answers on each question what a young person really feels should be placed within this Crisis animation (The main aim for this is to make it appeal to teenagers)

After these questions we then moved onto what we thought were the things most important to ask for this animation Piece for the Crisis charity. 'What soundtrack would you expect to hear within a charity advert' and 'What animation format would you prefer?' The first question we gained an extremely one sided opinion towards the music, which our group in fact agree with. The answer given was that the music shall be slow and tragic. We still have yet to find a suitable way of either making a soundtrack like this or gaining permission to use a certain song by an artist, this shall be done in due course.

The final question had the most mixed opinions of what shall be used in terms of format. One of our initial ideas actually agrees with using all of the materials/formats. We planned to use lego, clay, people and objects. The questionnaire results support this use of all the formats, our main aim is to please our target audience whilst stressing a serious matter through animation. So our group have agreed to use all of the chosen formats by the audience from this questionnaire in order to please the audience.

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