Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aardman Studios

Techniques and equipment that Aardman use

Unlike our group will be able to, Aardman use very professional standards of creating animation. They use a large number of highly technical equipment in order to get the best movements in between frames of characters etc. One of the most important pieces Aardman use are their lighting rigs, due to average natural light not being enough to show the expressions of characters faces. These lighting rigs are huge and would be placed all along the set to present the best amount of lighting for each shot taken. These rigs also can hold cameras in place to show different angles on set, which leads into my next point. 

For our animation our group shall only be able to use one character that will have to be moved around the set in order to show different angles. Aardman will use a multi camera technique, they have a number of cameras set in place to show a number of angles around the set taking shots at the same time. THe main reason why they can do this is because films such as Wallace and Gromit have a budget big enough to use these techniques and equipment. 

The last piece of equipment and slight technique they use within their animations is a program called photoshop. For example is a character had to be lifted up via string, the string would then have to be rubbed out in order for it to make it look as if the characters is flying, falling etc. This techniques is now used in a number of animations (stop-motion)

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