Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rob's interview analysis

Interview with Rob Welland analysis 

Favorite question

Whilst interview Rob I felt that the questions about his holiday in Grand Canary was probably my favorite simply because it built up another string of questions leading onto things such as his hobby with snowboarding and why he enjoys it. Also what different types of snowboarding there are and who he usually goes snowboarding with, which then lead to a humorous answer about his mum being too scared to go down a mountain. Overall I feel that most of the questions received lengthy responses from Rob, which could suggest that the questions that were asked were in fact successful and good quality. However the structure of them could have been placed into a more professional order which I shall explain in the next paragraph.

Worst question

I don’t feel that there was such a bad question, however I feel that the structuring of the questions could have been done much more professionally when interviewing Rob. For example the interviewer greets him, but the interviewer then jumps straight into asking him questions which almost seems to throw Rob off guard. Also when asking the questions, the interviewer doesn’t sound very convincing on the facts that are given and an example of this would be when the interviewer says “You also umm enjoy your music” This doesn’t make the interview seem very professional and makes the interviewer look like he is running out of questions to ask Rob by placing a filler of ‘umm’ within the question.


Overall I feel that this interview most definitely could have gone much better in terms of making the interview much longer and in much more detail. It also could have had much more of  a professional structure to it. For example the beginning could have made Rob much more comfortable to answer the questions instead of jumping straight into the questions. However I do feel that the questions that were asked weren't just closed questions with yes and no answers, I feel that these were open ended questions that were given lengthy answers as I explained before. 

Even better if?

If I were to do this interview again, i would make sure that I research facts about Rob into much more detail in order to generate much more lengthy questions, to possibly gain an emotional response etc. I feel this is an important factor because this shall also help me tremendously with my next interview with the 'Van Susans' band guitarist. One last improvement that should be made is also the tone of voice within the interview, I feel that this needs to be much more enthusiastic and powerful. This could help me gain an enthusiastic answer back which could possibly make the person or people watching laugh or gain knowledge from.  

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  1. An excellent evaluative post Oz. You clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your interview using appropriate terminology.

    Grade - Distinction.