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Van Susan's Possible Questions

Van Susan’s Possible Questions

When did the band start?

Our group feel that this question is fairly common within music interviews however we also feel that this is in fact an imperative question to almost set the scene of the interview and what the main body of the subject shall be about. We feel that we will gain a standard response such as 'In the year 2000..' We could also link this in with how he was appointed into the band.

What did you play in the band? And what do you find so interesting about what you play?

Again this question we have agreed is fairly commonly found within music interviews with one particular individual. However we also feel that these basic formats of questions will help set up the interview from thew start and again slightly set the scene for what the interview is going to be about and who it is about. We don't want to start the interview in a random order we want it to be structured (beginning, middle and an end)  We feel that this question will gain a fairly basic straight forward answer for the first part of the question. However the second section of it 'What he finds interesting' shall be more open ended and could gain a good insight as to why he likes the particular instrument .

What were the bands influences, also who or what are your influences to play your style of music?

These types of questions that almost seem to have two sections could in fact be the most powerful in terms of receiving an answer. This is because the first section could appear to set up the question, gain a short answer and then gain a more personal in depth answer (especially with 'what are your influences to play your style of music') We feel that this will gain a detailed lengthened answer that almost tell a story as to how the Van Susans got their motivation from music. 

Can you possibly talk about what (made you split away from the band)?

This question will most likely gain the most responsive detailed answer out of all the questions we have created. This question should be placed possibly right in the middle of the interview to stick to the beginning, middle and end format. the beginning: setting the subject, middle: Reaching a powerful point, and the end: concluding the interview. This shall be our powerful question that could even have the ability tot gain an emotional answer or straight forward answer with personal detail, his own account for what he thinks the reason is.

Are you going to join another band?

This question shall be strategically placed after the question above, the reason for this is because it shall link extremely well. We feel that this question shall gain a fairly straight forward answer to itself, this is because we will have just asked a very detailed question that should hopefully gain a lengthy answer. We don't almost seem to tire him by seeming to force him to answer a detailed question.    

Do you play any other instruments other than a bass guitar?

Our group feel that this question should be placed after the second one we have created above. The reason for this is because it will link well with the instrument side of the interview, it seems like a good typical music element to add together one after another. This could receive a short answer depending if he doesn't have one. So, to prepare for this we could add onto this question 'and why?' this will almost make Tim give a more detailed answer instead of giving a yes or no answer (closed question)  

What are you currently doing now?

Emerging from around halfway during the interview this question should occur. Our group are possibly thinking of placing it just after the question below where we ask how good the pay was for being apart of the Van Susans group. We feel that this could link with the pay aspect such as what he could be doing now whether it involves being in a band or not for his income. Maybe this question could also add why he does it or does he enjoy it. This will be a good insight as to what he does as well as being in a band or not.  

What was it like to headline at Indigo2?

For this question, our group feel that it should be placed after the third question we have generated. The reason for this is because it wouldn't suit a well structured interview if it were to go from talking about how he split with the band and then ask how it was to headline with then at a certain venue (this is the same with the question below) We feel that this would be well linked and generate good detailed answers because by placing it with the third he may feel more inclined to talk about it, rather than asking this and the following question after we have said why he left the band. 

What was it like touring the UK?

(This question also relates to the question above)

Have you ever played with the Van Susan's outside the UK?

(This question relates to the one above)

What equipment are you using at the moment?

For this question in particular, it may seem quite a standard question found within a music interview, however it may be interesting to some viewers to find out what the musician uses as their choice of equipment. This could be interesting to hear also why he uses that particular equipment so our interviewer may add that into this question in order to gain more information and make it a larger open ended question. An example of an answer he may give us could be 'I use .... because it sounds the best, I have been using it since ...'

Did you ever get a good pay for being in the Van Susan's?

Our group feel that this could be placed  after right after we ask Tim about why he left the group. The reason being is because these kinds of music professions always have to have an element of money within them, so this would be a good insight to how much he was paid for doing a gig etc. This could even have a humorous factor shown when he answer's the question, he may possibly joke about how terrible the pay was or a similar aspect.   

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