Friday, 7 June 2013

Editorial decisions list animation

Editorial decisions list

Within this animation there was not a huge amount of editing that needed to be done to generate it. Due to all of the photos that were taken on the SLR camera were already in order and so not much placing the clips in the correct order was conducted. However the main piece of editing that was done to this piece was the audio. We had placed in a backing track as well as a voice over. At the end of the animation we placed a Crisis logo as well as a website link below to show where people could donate. I shall elaborate on these further on in this work.

 The first stage of editing was placing the photos onto final cut express and then exporting the clips into final cut, we had to do this as the animation had to be edited on final cut. After this, due to the clips being in the correct order already. Our group searched for a backing track that sounded ambient to place behind a voice over. Once we found the correct track we dragged the file into our final cut timeline. At the end of the animation we wanted have the music fade out slowly to not give an abrasive cut, we made a smooth transition of audio to end the animation.

After that, our group member Rob then made a voice over for this piece, again similarly to the music being dragged in as an audio file we did the same with the voice over once it was completed. We placed this voice over in the correct place in the animation as we didn't want it to start too early or finish to early as this wouldn't give an importance effect on the viewers. The decision was made to place this over the smooth ambient music due to stress the importance and seriousness of homeless people, and how important Crisis's cause is to stop homelessness.

The next piece of editing that was done to this was placing the logo and website link at the end of the animation. Our group did this by writing the website link into live type and then saving it. We then dragged it into our final cut piece, we thought this link would be important to those who would wish to donate to the charity's cause. With the logo on top of this we simply, found the image off of google images and saved it onto our desktops, from there we then dragged it into our final cut piece. We did this as we thought it gave off a powerful image to show the audience its important cause.

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