Friday, 17 May 2013

Online screening

For our groups online screening of the re-done animation piece for Crisis, we had two people (Alex Brown and Perry Dabbs) from RavensWood School go onto our blog posts and watch our final piece. The following information is what was given back to us after the individual online screenings were finished.

Alex Brown


This was our first person that we chose to do an online screening of our animation with. He thoroughly enjoyed watching our second attempt of creating the piece, as our first try at this project had extremely poor camerawork, however he did understand the meaning of the charity and how the actual animation related to what the charity (Crisis) do. Our group wasn't pleased to hear this and immediately got back to filming a better animation that focused on the characters moving and not the camera moving. So when Alex decided that this camera work this time round was good, we were pleased to hear this.

Moving onto the next point that Alex made, he thought that the voice over in the previous piece was very good and so our group kept the same one in the second animation, however again he commented on how well it went with our camera work, and was the main backbone on helping the viewer understand what the charity does. Another point that Alex made about the sound of the piece was the backing track that we created for our animation, he noted that it was a very good tone to use as it was not happy but also was not sad, it was somewhere in-between that just makes the audience think about how they could help the homeless.

The final thing that Alex mentioned was the actual setting of the animation. He explained to us that he thought the setting seemed very real and was easy for a viewer to understand how it must be for a homeless person living on the street. Secondly he liked the transition where the Lego character put money in the cup of the homeless person and it transition from a Lego man to a real human hand placing money into a pot. He said that it made it clear of what action the Lego man was doing.


There was only one issue that Alex spotted with this animation, which was also evident in the last, and this was the material that was used to hold the Lego characters up (Blu-Tac) he decided that it was visible from the characters feet to help them stand as they couldn't without it. However it didn't effect his feelings towards the cause of the advert, which we were pleased to hear. A possible option that could be used if this were to be done again would be glue (Pritt-Stick) as it shall not be visible.

Perry Dabbs 


Perry Was our second person who was apart of our individual online screening, he also agreed that it was much better than the first time the animation was done and seemed much more professional in terms of its camera work which our group was thrilled to hear.

The first point Perry liked within our animation was the transition of different mediums from Lego stop-motion to real live actions. He thought that it also made it clear as to what the Lego character was doing and almost gave off the sense that you could change a homeless persons day just by giving money to them or giving money to the Crisis charity.

The second thing that Perry thoroughly enjoyed from this piece was "The professional sounding voice-over" He thought that this made it seem like a real charity advert and gave the intentions of the charity out well as well as politely asking the audience to fight against homelessness. This also links in with his third point where he explained the message of the charity was explained very clearly and thought that if it were a real advert on the television it would make him want to partake with abolishing homelessness once and for all. The last comment that Perry gave us on our animation was the movement of our characters, he thought that we made the movements of our characters look professional and was 'fun' to watch whilst giving out the important message.


Perry also gave us the same even better if as Alex did, as he noticed the small pieces of blu-tac attached to the characters feet, he also gave us the suggestion of if we were to create this again we could have used double sided cello tape as it is clear so the audience wouldn't be able to notice it, however he did also explain it wasn't a problem as the deep message in the advert was still taken in and the animation itself also looked professional.

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