Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lighting Task

Lighting task

Animation lighting rig

For our animation project we may decide to create a small lighting rig in order to place lighting in the right places, when we need it for different angles or shots that may happen during the animation. An animation lighting rig is a small structure that holds lighting in place where you need it to be. Lighting rigs can also be on a bigger scale for things such as concerts etc. However for this project we possibly may need a small lighting rig. The main reason for this are purely because the natural light may not be sufficient enough to show different characters emotions or looks. Lighting does hold an awful amount of power regarding things like this.

What our group has decided to do?

For the production of our animation, we have ran test shots with our animation using the natural light and a small lamp that was raised on a rig like neck over the top of the set. The test shots below show a difference in the color of light, our group decided that with the raised lamp it made the whole set turn into an almost orange looking light which didn't suit  the kind of mood our group wished to set for a charity advert, instead we wanted something much more plain but not depressing for viewers to look at. So we then decided to look at how well the natural light presented itself aesthetically and what kind of mood it gave off when looking at it. Our group decided that the natural light, looked exactly like what we had pictured in the storyboard stage of generating  an idea for this project.

The test shot on the left shows the orange looking light if you look in the left corner which makes the bricks look a little unreal it looks too nice to present itself as a charity advert whereas the one on the right gives a realistic but not too sombre feel to it.

The next time that we film create this animation as our actual piece, we shall use the natural light to set off a realistic look to our set and generally the animation. We also thought that choosing this light would link in extremely well with the part of the animation that splits from Lego characters to real people, due to the natural light being poured onto the set of our animation, it is going to have the same look when we film outside for the human hands section of the animation. It is going to much easier to get the correct lighting outside if we just use natural light otherwise we would find ourselves trying to use different pieces of equipment to get the right light which will end up being very time consuming. The light that is pouring through the window onto our animation set is going to be exactly the same when filming outside for the human hands section. 

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