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Crisis charity (to get dis explain why an animated advert would be best for this)

Crisis charity

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  • are they and What do they do?

Crisis is a charity that supports the need of homeless people. This charity was founded in 1967. Crisis offer food, shelter and man other vital services such regarding well being. The main aim that Crisis look towards is to completely transform the lives of homeless people also to keep people from becoming homeless. They believe that "Homelessness won't end overnight or on our own.  But we take a lead, collaborate with others and, together, make change happen" Crisis also work even at Christmas to ensure that everyone homeless has somewhere to sleep and eat.

Why do they do it? 

They believe that they can help make all homelessness end and even stick to their own motto 'Homelessness ends here'


In 2011 Crisis decided to make a campaign called 'No one turned away' this helped ensure that all homeless people had the right to emergency accommodation when they need it. This is because homeless people were not considered a priority when it came to social housing.  Another campaign they introduced was the 'Shared Accommodation Rate' Single people aged under 25 who live in the private rented sector are only entitled to the Shared Accommodation Rate of Housing Benefit, equivalent to the rent for a single room in a shared house rather than the rate for a self-contained one bedroom property.

My View on the crisis charity 

I think that the Crisis charity are an extremely important organization that do something that is very important to many people. I feel that this organization should be largely publicized as they help many homeless people across the UK not only find them homes but jobs and help them learn trades. This charity is imperative to many people spread across Britain and I think that it deserves much more attention and for this particular reason I shall be creating a stop motion animation piece regarding what this charity does.     

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